Rust never sleeps, but sometimes it takes a vacation: the dilapidated beauty of Desert Valley Auto Parts


At first glance, Desert Valley Auto Parts looks something like a post-apocalyptic wasteland if the end times had occurred in conjunction with the Age of Aquarius: Cars from the Sixties and earlier scattered about a dry desert backdrop, missing parts and looking about as busted and broke as could be. But old car nuts know it instead as a paradise, one full of old cars that other scrapyards would have sent to the crusher decades ago, kept from rusting to pieces by the arid Arizona climate.

One of the most frequent contributors to the Hemmings Nation Flickr pool, Ralf K., recently spent part of his Arizona vacation exploring Desert Valley Auto Parts (along with other nearby old car meccas, like the Raceway Bar n Grill in Maricopa) and has spent the last couple of weeks uploading photos from those excursions. Here we’ve gathered a dozen or so that we enjoyed, but for more, check out Ralf’s Flickrstream or the Hemmings Nation Flickr pool.









  1. Danielle Dawson

    Cadillac motorhome is cool. ( I’d hate to have to feed it though) Great stuff. Sadly, unless it’s somewhat cataloged to attract specific buyers of like cars, I think this stuff will continue to bake in the sun, until the yard is no longer profitable or EPA steps in, and it will all be shredded for scrap. That’s what happened in Wisconsin, anyway. But our stuff was rusty hulks, perhaps some of this stuff has a chance. Couldn’t be in a better place to get some exposure. I’m sure someone restoring a ’56 Lincoln and needs parts just took notice. Thanks Hemmings for trying to help save these cars, and to Ralf. I’ll bet it was hot walking around there. ( and the inevitable rattlesnakes)

    • Don Kincl (Ralf k)

      Howard, I got to Desert Valley at 8am when it opened, just a nice cool 85° by 10 it was almost 100. Didn’t see any snakes but did see lizards and jackrabbits

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